Operation of Vehicle Impaired

          No one approves of drinking and driving.  Driving while impaired endangers the life of the driver, his passengers, and the lives of others on the highway.  At the same time, however, many believe that our laws have gone too far in punishing the social drinker.  No area of the law changes as often as the law regarding drinking and driving.  The powerful anti-alcohol lobby works hard to achieve its agenda, and the Ohio General Assembly frequently changes the law of Ohio as it relates to drinking and driving.  Field sobriety tests, if not properly administered, can give a false-positive indication that a driver is impaired when, in reality, the driver is not under the influence of alcohol.  Likewise, mechanical breath testing devices can give false readings if not properly maintained and calibrated. 

          Although a first offense for Operation of a Vehicle Impaired (OVI) is a misdemeanor, it can have serious consequences for your right to drive, your insurance premiums, and your freedom.  The stakes are too high to face this serious charge alone.  You need the services of an experienced attorney who will fairly evaluate your case and advise you on the best way to defend against this very serious charge. 


For more information about the serious problem of alcohol abuse and impaired driving, visit the Mothers Against Drunk Drivers web site by clicking on the MADD link.

Defense Experts

In order to fully protect yourself, you may need the services of a scientific expert versed in the science of breath testing devices.  We have working relationships with many of the top scientific experts around the state, and are ready to assist you in this area.  We can work with the leading experts in breath testing machines, field sobriety tests, or other experts in the field. 

Traffic Offenses

          The simple traffic ticket has now become a major concern for Ohio drivers.  New laws governing the points assessed against your driver's license, coupled with insurance ratings and license suspension issues, have made it important for Ohio drivers to think twice before they simply pay a citation.  For a free telephone consultation, call me at (614) 224-4114, or email your question to me at RCline@AttorneyCline.com.

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